Submit Your Book to Holiday Gift Guides

Submit Your Book to Holiday Gift Guides

By Joan Stewart
Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, your book will make a welcome gift.
But how can people buy it for friends and loved ones if they don’t know it exists? They read about it in a holiday gift guide.
Gift guides are published by:






even radio and TV shows

They feature the best products and services that would make perfect gifts for a specific audience. Journalists who might never consider writing a story about you might be happy to feature your book in their gift guide.
9 Reasons You Should Target Gift Guides
Gift guides are powerful publicity tools. Here’s why:

Many gift guides feature fiction and nonfiction books that appeal to the media outlet’s audience. Your book must be a perfect fit.

Books written for narrow niches are ideal for gift guides. Have you written a book on how to start an accounting business? Magazines about small business and accounting might love to feature your

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