Mickey Spillane’s guys and dolls

The first time I remember seeing the name “Mickey Spillane” was in TV Guide, which had a full-page ad proclaiming “Stacey Keach in Mickey Spillane’s ‘Mike Hammer!’” These were too many names for me, and where was Stacey Keach? All I saw was some guy. It took awhile for it to dawn on me that Stacey Keach was a guy. Who names their son “Stacey?” (Apologies to the men out there named Stacey, Stacey Keach definitely added a knockout blow of testosterone to the name. Hey, I just wrote that like Mickey Spillane!)
I then saw Spillane in the famous Miller Lite ads from (the ‘70s and) ‘80s—they usually had famous sports figures of the day, like Bubba Smith and Bob Uecker and Dick Butkus doing something goofy. (The ads were actually pretty funny.) But they also had Mickey Spillane, of all people, always with a buxom blonde in a tight

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